It was nice to come home to Oaxaca and think, “yes, finally.”

I was a little worried, actually, I have this bad habit of getting sick of places, or wanting the next, new, big thing. After a month of travel from Spain to Thailand to Japan and back again, I felt relieved. Happy. This is my place.

And as someone on my Facebook wall said, “If you like it so much, you should have stayed.”

Indeed. But then how would I know?

And of course, I settled the age old question of… was my newly acquired luggage, purchased in Thailand to lug home Thai goodies (like 4 lbs of curry and several large bottles of fish sauce) – big enough to fit both of my children?


(And I think they might weigh much less than the 42 kilos of stuff I brought home with me, after leaving with just a carry-on).

So it’s good to be back but really it feels like I never left. Travel has this way of bending time so I feel both like it’s been a million years and a split second.

After all these years, it’s strange to think I’m starting to settle down (she says after literally traveling around the globe in 30 days). Maybe it’s the food. It tastes exactly like home to me. It’s good to be back.


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