With smart phones acting as an integral part of our daily lives, these no longer are just devices that help us communicate. This bond has really become an inseparable one and this is why most of the enterprises and entrepreneurs are working hard to come out with apps that add on to their popularity.

Going with the basic fact that we are using apps for doing several things in a day, such as listening music, ordering food, doing shopping, booking travel tickets and even making official presentations, the focus in the year 2016 has been on making people friendly apps and the year 2017 too would go in continuation with some changes.

Some Cool Trends to Rule Mobile App Development In 2017

After thorough research, we have compiled the most practical list of mobile app development trends for 2017 to which most of us will be able to relate.

  • VR & AR Apps Could Rule The Game: This is one such trend that could come out as a surprise for many, but with all those games leaving the audience wanting for more we can surely say that the year 2017 is going to be all about virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Cloud Driven Apps Would Be A Hit: Year 2016 has already set the base for cloud based apps and 2017 is surely going to carry the bastion forward. With cloud computing finally there, it is expected that cloud apps will be able to capture around 20% of the mobile traffic in coming 24 months.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Could Set Base For A Revolution: Talking from SEO perspective, AMP is one such tool that could play an important role in curbing the bounce rate. For any entrepreneur eager to cash on increased visibility, using these would make app development result driven.
  • Micro Apps All Set To Go Bigger: Off lately came in this concept called micro apps and they have worked pretty fine when the goal is to carry out a targeted operation as they help you restructure the processes with ease.
  • Apps for Wearable Devices: Now that enough efforts are in place to come out with apps that would run seamlessly on all platforms, the next big move will be on making apps that would work on the wearable devices and gadgets.
  • Security Testing A Must:  With so many apps being launched daily, the focus in the year 2017 will be on ensuring that only secure ones hit the market. Programming controls are being planned to ensure that the apps do not get access to personal data and external storage.
  • M-Commerce Apps: Now that e-commerce has been grabbing the market share fast, web based entrepreneurs are planning to come out with M-commerce apps so that they stay ahead of the competition in the year 2017.

These trends are based on the market predictions that have delivered results in the past few months, thus we can confidently say that most of these would create a revolution in mobile app development in the year 2017.


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