My online blogging course, Blog Brilliantly is one of the items in the Paradise Pack that goes on sale today — a part of a 7-day flash sale that bundles $2000 worth of ebooks and online courses together for just $197.

If you follow a ton of travel blogs, you’ll likely see this HYPED like crazy over the next week. (The website says, “Ready to travel more, work from anywhere and live your dream lifestyle?” — I love their enthusiasm, but that’s a pretty big promise.) I know when I see stuff like that, the messaging can prevent me from reading further, but I actually think in this case it’s a really good deal. My online course runs for $249 normally, so just that alone makes it’s a decent discount. However, if some of the other items are useful to you, then even better.

I got an advance copy of all the materials in the pack, and to help you make a decision (and perhaps bring down the hyperbole a bit) I’m doing a quick, real-world, no hype summary of each product. If it’s for you, great, go here to purchase. If not that’s cool too. I just want people to hear what’s included and decide if there’s enough stuff that pertains to them. Not everything will.