If you’ve followed this blog since the beginning (the very first post was on April 26, 2008) then you might remember this site’s tagline was once: “Quit Your Job. Travel the World.”

A lot has changed. Through the making of The Wireless Generation, we met people who found ways to travel that had nothing to do with quitting their job. As we traveled and interviewed people what became even more clear was that it was hardly about the job at all. Some people transitioned their careers to online, others started new businesses, but the big driving force behind all of it wasn’t even the travel. It was what happens next. How does cutting out your commute, getting to live wherever you want, keeping the hours you want — and a shift to more work-life balance than ever — change you?


I am such a sucker for studies about kids’ behaviors. The footage of a little girl trying to avoid eating a marshmallow? Empathy tests involving a room of toddlers? Aw, such charming little subjects. One such study that has stuck with me for years was watching preschoolers choose a sticker-festooned rock over a cupcake.

What researchers set out to prove was that kids prefer foods bearing the likeness of characters, particularly familiar ones. I didn’t have children at the time, but I remember filing it away: “Stickers on carrots! Stickers on broccoli!” (Say what?!)

With Thanksgiving approaching, I was thinking about how to get the visual-appeal-voodoo working on all of us for that post-holiday car ride home.


It was nice to come home to Oaxaca and think, “yes, finally.”

I was a little worried, actually, I have this bad habit of getting sick of places, or wanting the next, new, big thing. After a month of travel from Spain to Thailand to Japan and back again, I felt relieved. Happy. This is my place.

And as someone on my Facebook wall said, “If you like it so much, you should have stayed.”

Indeed. But then how would I know?


If you’d rather a cold weather vacation than sipping cocktails in the sun you’re in luck. Winter is a great time to vacation and for many cold weather destinations winter is the low season. This means that you’ll be able to save some serious money while still having an amazing vacation. If you and your family are planning a cold weather getaway here are some tips to help you have a great holiday.

How cold is cold?

If you don’t live somewhere that typically faces cold winter temperatures than you’ll need to seriously consider how cold is cold. For example if winter to you means temperatures of 50F than somewhere that averages 10F is going to be a huge change. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go it just means you need to realistically consider that change in temperature and plan accordingly.


My online blogging course, Blog Brilliantly is one of the items in the Paradise Pack that goes on sale today — a part of a 7-day flash sale that bundles $2000 worth of ebooks and online courses together for just $197.

If you follow a ton of travel blogs, you’ll likely see this HYPED like crazy over the next week. (The website says, “Ready to travel more, work from anywhere and live your dream lifestyle?” — I love their enthusiasm, but that’s a pretty big promise.) I know when I see stuff like that, the messaging can prevent me from reading further, but I actually think in this case it’s a really good deal. My online course runs for $249 normally, so just that alone makes it’s a decent discount. However, if some of the other items are useful to you, then even better.

I got an advance copy of all the materials in the pack, and to help you make a decision (and perhaps bring down the hyperbole a bit) I’m doing a quick, real-world, no hype summary of each product. If it’s for you, great, go here to purchase. If not that’s cool too. I just want people to hear what’s included and decide if there’s enough stuff that pertains to them. Not everything will.