Android becomes very renowned operating system in all over the globe. Many smartphones are manufactured on android due to its high quality features and user friendly access. The most latest studies and analysis have demonstrated that the android become the most dominating platform among all operating systems. Interest of the business professionals is steeply inclined towards the Android apps which has been expanded tremendously for accomplishing their various business needs, thus opening up a new business market.

Why android app development is necessary?

Every person who sets up a business goes for making the maximum revenues and income with the help of a successful marketing tactics that is detailed to pull the maximum audience towards their services. The business visionaries who work persistently for 24 hours to get positive and desired results can attain them through the android application development for their business.

For the best marketing purpose:

You can grow your customer-base by using proper marketing strategies. Play-store are available in every smartphones that consists thousands of app. Several users per day browse play-store to get their respective apps. You can engage your users anytime, and give them your business updates through his apps. Your mobile marketing efforts will not only help in growing the number of audience who download and install your apps, it will also gives assistance in long term brand sustainability of your business. It also works as a great medium to get the feedback of customer, which will finally help you to improve your business skills and to overcome from your drawbacks.

Customer service:

The main key to maintain the sustenance and growth of any business is to deliver quality customer support. It is very important for companies to provide effective customer support, because this is the true fact that business have no recognition without their customers and in order to stay ahead of their competition. Android development is a simple way for customers to interact with your products and services. It allows you to handle your customer issues and give them assistance- 24/7, that will help you long way in creating customer loyalty and trust towards your organization.

Trouble free environment:

The hassle free environment that Android delivers is another reason that makes this platform suitable for business and build custom apps development simple. Consequently, it provides the quality check functionality before dropping it to the App store for business downloads.

If you are looking for a platform that provides secure, trouble-free independent and custom applications for your business then Prasad Solutions-Android app development company is the best choice to give a new vision towards the business. Moreover, the business idealist who have never felt a requirement to have an application for their business visibility then they should need to reevaluate their thinking and choice. It is important for businesses to win their trust of customers and they can count on you for availing the services. Technology that has always been transforming over time and it is vital for the companies to pick out new technologies and to stay ahead of their competitors.

“Android apps have now become the most approachable and preferred choice in business relationships with customers or clients.”


With smart phones acting as an integral part of our daily lives, these no longer are just devices that help us communicate. This bond has really become an inseparable one and this is why most of the enterprises and entrepreneurs are working hard to come out with apps that add on to their popularity.

Going with the basic fact that we are using apps for doing several things in a day, such as listening music, ordering food, doing shopping, booking travel tickets and even making official presentations, the focus in the year 2016 has been on making people friendly apps and the year 2017 too would go in continuation with some changes.

Some Cool Trends to Rule Mobile App Development In 2017

After thorough research, we have compiled the most practical list of mobile app development trends for 2017 to which most of us will be able to relate.

  • VR & AR Apps Could Rule The Game: This is one such trend that could come out as a surprise for many, but with all those games leaving the audience wanting for more we can surely say that the year 2017 is going to be all about virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Cloud Driven Apps Would Be A Hit: Year 2016 has already set the base for cloud based apps and 2017 is surely going to carry the bastion forward. With cloud computing finally there, it is expected that cloud apps will be able to capture around 20% of the mobile traffic in coming 24 months.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Could Set Base For A Revolution: Talking from SEO perspective, AMP is one such tool that could play an important role in curbing the bounce rate. For any entrepreneur eager to cash on increased visibility, using these would make app development result driven.
  • Micro Apps All Set To Go Bigger: Off lately came in this concept called micro apps and they have worked pretty fine when the goal is to carry out a targeted operation as they help you restructure the processes with ease.
  • Apps for Wearable Devices: Now that enough efforts are in place to come out with apps that would run seamlessly on all platforms, the next big move will be on making apps that would work on the wearable devices and gadgets.
  • Security Testing A Must:  With so many apps being launched daily, the focus in the year 2017 will be on ensuring that only secure ones hit the market. Programming controls are being planned to ensure that the apps do not get access to personal data and external storage.
  • M-Commerce Apps: Now that e-commerce has been grabbing the market share fast, web based entrepreneurs are planning to come out with M-commerce apps so that they stay ahead of the competition in the year 2017.

These trends are based on the market predictions that have delivered results in the past few months, thus we can confidently say that most of these would create a revolution in mobile app development in the year 2017.


From monitoring site traffic to SERP tracking there are several android apps that come handy. When it comes to managing your website’s SEO results, there are some great tools out there that would make it easy to evaluate the results and carry out required optimization. These apps would not only help you see the results but would also provide you with some valued suggestions to improve your site so that traffic, visibility and ROI could be improved.

  1. SEO & Link Analyzer : With this app you can analyze rankings of each website URL, monitor pay per click visibility along with the social media signals. This is a free app and comes in an extremely user friendly format allowing you to go through the reporting data with ease.
  1. Sinium SEO Tools : If looking for something technical and broad this is the app to consider. You can use this app to check how mobile friendly your website is, what the site’s performance is and how it fairs in the rate test.
  1. SEO SERP Mojo Rank Tracker : This amazing app tracks out the ranking history on all major search engines. You can even download the ranking report and refer it later to plan out a strategy. In case you are looking for added functionality and tool set you can consider going in for the pro version that is a paid one.
  1. SECockpit : Search Engine Cockpit app is a keyword research tool that would help wonders for online marketers. With this they can generate keywords even the long tail ones with ease.
  1. Webrank SEO : As the name states this is an app that gives you an idea about rankings. This app is going to index all pages of the site including the back links in all top search engines.
  1. Search Engine Land : This android app is for the ones who love to stay updated with latest SEO news and information. As soon as you use it you are going to get all those updates that would help you frame out your SEO strategy

The list does not end here; there are many free Android SEO apps that perform various functions. Whether it is about gaining an insight about the current SEO scenario or just learning about the current stats of your site these apps definitely tend to make the job go easy and that too without making you pay anything.