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I’m a big believer in having a uniform. The type of outfit that requires little thought, can easily get you out the door when you don’t have much time, and that speaks of your personal style, without having to say a word. Today, I teamed up with one of my favorite sites for pre-owned luxury goods, Vestiaire Collective, to bring to you my summer life essentials.

I’ll start with my favorite of any outfit, (obviously) the accessories. I got this Balenciaga Papier a few years back and it remains one of my favorites from my handbag collection. One thing about New Yorkers, our handbag is like our car and our entire life goes into it. On some days I can get away with a smaller bag, but there are days when I need to carry my life. Balenciagas are my favorite for that purpose. They’re incredibly durable, light-weight, buttery, while still being chic. Vestiaire has an excellent selection of Balenciaga bags, including this style in anthracite and a beautiful smaller version light grey.


I should warn that this is a lengthy post! If you’re blessed with beautiful, blemish-free skin, you may want to skip it! If not, continue reading and I hope you walk away with some helpful tips that have helped transform my skin.

Growing up, I’ve always had pretty good skin. While some of my other teenage friends were cursed with terrible acne, I was one of the lucky ones. At that point, I didn’t even think about what they were going through, but now looking back, I could imagine it’s one of the worst things for a hormonal, insecure, moody teenager to live through.

Then all of a sudden, I turned 25 years old (maybe 26) and it’s like a switch went off in my body. My skin started breaking out like crazy. I wasn’t doing anything differently, so I wasn’t sure what triggered it, so not knowing the culprit was one of the most frustrating parts. Adult acne? hormones? Whatever it was, I was just desperate to know how I can stop it. This was also at the beginning of my blogging days, where I was meeting new people every single day. Horrible.