Android becomes very renowned operating system in all over the globe. Many smartphones are manufactured on android due to its high quality features and user friendly access. The most latest studies and analysis have demonstrated that the android become the most dominating platform among all operating systems. Interest of the business professionals is steeply inclined towards the Android apps which has been expanded tremendously for accomplishing their various business needs, thus opening up a new business market.

Why android app development is necessary?

Every person who sets up a business goes for making the maximum revenues and income with the help of a successful marketing tactics that is detailed to pull the maximum audience towards their services. The business visionaries who work persistently for 24 hours to get positive and desired results can attain them through the android application development for their business.

For the best marketing purpose:

You can grow your customer-base by using proper marketing strategies. Play-store are available in every smartphones that consists thousands of app. Several users per day browse play-store to get their respective apps. You can engage your users anytime, and give them your business updates through his apps. Your mobile marketing efforts will not only help in growing the number of audience who download and install your apps, it will also gives assistance in long term brand sustainability of your business. It also works as a great medium to get the feedback of customer, which will finally help you to improve your business skills and to overcome from your drawbacks.

Customer service:

The main key to maintain the sustenance and growth of any business is to deliver quality customer support. It is very important for companies to provide effective customer support, because this is the true fact that business have no recognition without their customers and in order to stay ahead of their competition. Android development is a simple way for customers to interact with your products and services. It allows you to handle your customer issues and give them assistance- 24/7, that will help you long way in creating customer loyalty and trust towards your organization.

Trouble free environment:

The hassle free environment that Android delivers is another reason that makes this platform suitable for business and build custom apps development simple. Consequently, it provides the quality check functionality before dropping it to the App store for business downloads.

If you are looking for a platform that provides secure, trouble-free independent and custom applications for your business then Prasad Solutions-Android app development company is the best choice to give a new vision towards the business. Moreover, the business idealist who have never felt a requirement to have an application for their business visibility then they should need to reevaluate their thinking and choice. It is important for businesses to win their trust of customers and they can count on you for availing the services. Technology that has always been transforming over time and it is vital for the companies to pick out new technologies and to stay ahead of their competitors.

“Android apps have now become the most approachable and preferred choice in business relationships with customers or clients.”


In earlier time, business was existed in terms of offline or conventional market. But now the things have been changed, if you want to grow your business then there is an urgent need to opt online marketing path.  Digital marketing is all about to promote your business across the world over the internet. This marketing process includes some core strategies like e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, social media promotion, web designing, content marketing and a lot more. This is highly preferred choice by the business man to compete the growing competition and this marketing concept has enough potential to make or break the brands visibility and small scale business.

Why digital media is important?

Digital marketing is the effective online marketing strategy that will drive audience to your website and help to increase your online visibility and maximize the revenue potential of your business. There is also an important factor exist is that the website must contain quality content that is relevant to the requirement of your customers. Quality content has the potential to engage the audience in their website and somewhere provide the path of success to your website.

  1. Boost traffic to your website: websites gives you access to the numbers of potential customers worldwide by means of social media practices. It allows you to attain the attention of your audience and pull towards them to visit your website. It can also help to boost online traffic for your website and generate elevated sales graph for your business.
  2. Improve your online visibility: You need to increase your online appearance among the audience is the vital step for the business success which makes it easier for your customers to find your business online. By being visible, customers will find your website as reliable and trustworthy. Your online credibility increases the opportunity of transforming visitors in to buying customers.
  3. Engage your customers: In order to deliver the excellent service to your customers, you need to understand and follow the factors that influence their buying habits. There is no better way to achieve insight into this by attract them through social media marketing. An effective response from the search engine will let you know where you are standing in the huge competition.

    Some Important elements in digital marketing:

  1. Content: Content is the heavy factor in a digital marketing plan or you can say, it is the king of digital marketing. Running an article for a website is a better way to grant your visitors with clean and fresh content. This will help you increase website visitors and customer engagement for good conversions and lead generation process. Creating precious and valuable content for your website also builds credibility towards you.
  2. Social media marketing: Marketing your business through social media platforms is one of the best tactics in creating and increasing brand representation online. This is also a very effective channel of sharing relevant information about your products and services. Using different social media tools can create innovative opportunities to engage precious customers as well as keep a firm hold on your existing clients.
  3. Organic search: People today explore information online in diverse manners; the most popular and reliable platform to gain information is through search engine results. The first phase of ensuring that your website will come out in the vision of your clients and current customers is to appropriately optimize your web pages.

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With email marketing as a key player in the promotional campaigns, lately there has been a lot of hype on the use of dynamic content to boost the conversions. Before we begin to explain how dynamic content works, it gets vital to explain what it is so that you can relate to it in a better way.

Well, it is a tool that is being used by marketing agencies to add to the efficacy of email marketing campaigns as the content comes out different for every recipient. The content is drafted keeping in mind the interests of the recipient and this entire process can be referred to as email personalization.

5 Different Ways to Use Dynamic Content to Get Higher Sales & Click Through

Sending emails to the recipients that contain relevant content can surely help one register bigger sales, conversions and click through. Here is a step by step explanation on how dynamic content can be used in email marketing campaigns.

  • Thinking in detail about how the recipients are going to react to the emails containing dynamic content would help one set the base right. Have a rough idea in your mind on how the content would perform and also think of the changes that you would like to introduce
  • Get content for different recipients, this is not as easy as it looks as you will need to get graphics, banners and images that support the content so that the deals and offers are able to win recipient’s attention
  • Filter the content on the basis of what you would like to show in the email and what you don’t. get the selected content in the email builder as this would give you a basic idea of how it is going to show up
  • Once the content is there in the email builder, it is the right time to work on the targeting options. you need to select the content from various segments and then work on making it dynamic
  • Set up a test campaign, this works really well as you get the options to compare the results that come from various testing segments. Carry out the A/B testing and you would get two different versions of the dynamic content and then you can easily make out how both of them would perform

It gets vital to comprehend that dynamic content can play an impressive role in adding up to the efficacy of the email marketing campaigns, the only thing that you need to work is creating out different content for every subscriber.

Using dynamic content promises to give an instant boost to the conversions, but it is always a safe bet to carry out intensive testing before executing the final campaign. This kind of content is not only going to boost up conversions but is also going to make customer engagement easy. The only important thing that you need to work on extra religiously is that every copy of the dynamic content stands out.


With smart phones acting as an integral part of our daily lives, these no longer are just devices that help us communicate. This bond has really become an inseparable one and this is why most of the enterprises and entrepreneurs are working hard to come out with apps that add on to their popularity.

Going with the basic fact that we are using apps for doing several things in a day, such as listening music, ordering food, doing shopping, booking travel tickets and even making official presentations, the focus in the year 2016 has been on making people friendly apps and the year 2017 too would go in continuation with some changes.

Some Cool Trends to Rule Mobile App Development In 2017

After thorough research, we have compiled the most practical list of mobile app development trends for 2017 to which most of us will be able to relate.

  • VR & AR Apps Could Rule The Game: This is one such trend that could come out as a surprise for many, but with all those games leaving the audience wanting for more we can surely say that the year 2017 is going to be all about virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Cloud Driven Apps Would Be A Hit: Year 2016 has already set the base for cloud based apps and 2017 is surely going to carry the bastion forward. With cloud computing finally there, it is expected that cloud apps will be able to capture around 20% of the mobile traffic in coming 24 months.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Could Set Base For A Revolution: Talking from SEO perspective, AMP is one such tool that could play an important role in curbing the bounce rate. For any entrepreneur eager to cash on increased visibility, using these would make app development result driven.
  • Micro Apps All Set To Go Bigger: Off lately came in this concept called micro apps and they have worked pretty fine when the goal is to carry out a targeted operation as they help you restructure the processes with ease.
  • Apps for Wearable Devices: Now that enough efforts are in place to come out with apps that would run seamlessly on all platforms, the next big move will be on making apps that would work on the wearable devices and gadgets.
  • Security Testing A Must:  With so many apps being launched daily, the focus in the year 2017 will be on ensuring that only secure ones hit the market. Programming controls are being planned to ensure that the apps do not get access to personal data and external storage.
  • M-Commerce Apps: Now that e-commerce has been grabbing the market share fast, web based entrepreneurs are planning to come out with M-commerce apps so that they stay ahead of the competition in the year 2017.

These trends are based on the market predictions that have delivered results in the past few months, thus we can confidently say that most of these would create a revolution in mobile app development in the year 2017.


Traditional Commerce is actually a part of business, which encompasses all sorts of selling and buying of goods in exchange of services for kind or cash and auxiliaries to trade together with the implication of activities, such as advertisement,packaging, transportation, insurance, banking, etc. that aids in the completion of successful exchange between parties.The main objective of traditional commerce is to satisfy the needs of the consumers by making products available to them, at the right place and the right time.In simple words, the traditional commerce refers to all those activities that make the process of exchange of services and goods easy and simple right from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer.

In contrast, e-Commerce refers to the trading process of exchanging of services and goods including other trade activities like selling, purchasing, paying through funds, or gathering information, between consumers and businesses using the electronic medium, i.e., online social network or internet.

Difference between traditional commerce and e-commerce

Now the main question is which one of these two is better?

  • Time factor:

The traditional commerce usually takes much more time to complete a transaction successfully. However, both the business and consumers can save a lot of their time through e-Commerce as the transaction can be completed within a few minutes via the internet.

  • Working hours

In traditional commerce, the trading of goods and services can take place, only during specific working hours. In contrast, in e-commerce, the selling and buying of goods take place round the clock.

  • Delivery of goods

In traditional commerce,the delivery of goods occurs immediately.But in the case of e-commerce, the goods get delivered right at the customer’s place usually within 7-8 days after placing the order.

  • Promotion of new products

In traditional commerce, the promotion of new products requires both money and time. Even costly pilot surveys are also carried out to analyze the customers’ response about the product. In e-commerce, it is easy to advertise a product on the internet to get the immediate feedback of the customers. Based on that, the products are usually modified to be launched successfully.

  • Business process and relationship:

e-Commerce being an automated process for business transactions clerical errorsis minimal.The traditional commerce is a manual process and therefore, the chances of clerical errors are a bit more due to human intervention.The interaction between the consumer and business, in traditional commerce is face-to-face and in electronic commerce, is screen-to-face.

  • Business profit:

E-commerce helps the organization to appreciate greater profits by streamlining operating processes, increasing sales, and cutting downextra expenses, whereas, in traditional commerce, profit is pulled down a bit due to the interference of middleman and limited sales.

Which is better?

Nowadays, the fast-paced world, in order to stay ahead in contention, to save time, and thrive in the business through the world of internet, it is very essential to break-through the conventional or traditional rules and adapt theinformation technology for doing better business not only with one country or location but in throughout the global locations at any time. Therefore, although e-Commerce is a bit risky mode of business like the threats of facing fraud transaction, unsuitable for selling perishable goods, and not ability to inspect goods physically by the customers, but according to match with the evolving technologies e-Commerce is better and convenient than traditional commerce in today’s world.


Writing a One page business plan, Becoming the Real Entrepreneur

Business plan reflects your ideas, innovation and your thought process. There was a time when business plans were from 50 to 100 pages but today 5 to 10 can be considered too long. If you’re eager to have a bite of the business pie but don’t exactly want to waste a couple months in playing hit and trial with investors and your potential customers, then one page business plan is the best answer, you are looking for.

Being able to simplify your business concept is that you have to be adept in business strategies or the development of the business.There is a lot of universal consensus, when it comes to business plan, and it serves many purposes.

Plan to reach the zenith of the business:

    • First and the foremost thing are to have the market strategies and tactics that will allow you to fulfill your plans. To analyze the research and work on that, it proves the answer of the question that -> can company be placed??
    • When the negativity comes from someone, avoid it by setting limits and take a steer clear to those, and focus on your own. Caring about what other people think is a waste of time and energy.
    • You must have a competitive mind, and the capability to analyze and to determine the weakness and the strength of the competitors within your market, and focus to own a mean business. Don’t take up task too much, which you may not be able to accomplish due to presence of mind in every task.

Tools for an Effective Business:

    Services or Products

  • If you serve anything, explain how and where; describe the facility that you are providing. Assign tasks to your team and to each division within the company, which will give you the idea of your work management. Entrepreneurs have the ability and agility both to work across a mile in business disciplines, consulting in SME’s or setting up your business yourself.

    Management Structure

  • The details how you are going to run your company and conduct day-to-day operations to meet the achievements of company, plays a significant role.

   Market Analysis

  • Sometimes you have to cross several hurdles and many hindrances can be developed in order to prevent competition from entering you into the market and anyone who knows your weakness can take advantage of it, simply you need to take care a lot from all these happenings. There is only one thing in your mind that either come hell or high water , you have to strain your every nerve to be the “REAL ENTREPRENEUR“.
  • Successful entrepreneur have a quality of curiosity to learn from his mistakes and to implement it for the next level and have a healthy disrespect for established rules. In the dynamic business environment, no one can negotiate the highs and lows of market. Every time, there is a need to be attentive about the vision of upcoming problems and have fresh ideas to encounter them.

“Achievement never comes from business knowledge, But also from personal attitude”


Digital marketing trends are just like the tectonic plates – this is constantly evolving and capable of producing better results in the proper contexts. It is quite clear that present digital marketing tactics are not enough. The traditional ways of gaining audiences, such as online advertising, are becoming less relevant nowadays due to the unstoppable progress of ad-blocking services.Influencersworking with a blogger help to gain arelevant audience by producing content, which is completely a newer strategy in the world of link developing for SEO. Finding the proper influencer to collaborate with your digital marketing can be little difficult but not impossible.

Influencers for digital marketing

The popular influencers that can add a different mix to your digital marketing include the following.

  • Finding right bloggers:

It is really an important task to search for right bloggers whose style of writing or reviewingexactly matches the content you want to create for digital marketing website. This will allow your product to display its feature in front of a huge audience who may get interested in buying your product, and who also even listens to a blogger for helpful guidance about some products that they prefer to choose.

  • Building of relationships:

Once you achieved a huge category of influencers who are already engaged with different target audienceactively, it is crucial to build and understand the relationship with these influencers. You can follow necessary steps showing your interest like as mentioned below.

  1. Comment with providing compliments.
  2. Ask questions if you want.
  3. Follow on social media profiles.
  4. Share some of thecontent.

After doing all these, you may get a feel that the audience is either interested in interacting with you or not.

  • Influencers in the form of content production:

Nowadays, content has become extremely important for a digital marketing platform. In order to compete in your field, introducing powerful content as an influencer marketing strategy should be considered. Now finding the right plan to present your content is a very much essential task. There are several different formats of content writing and you can choose the best that exactly suits your business motive. As every business is different, it is the most essential to pick a content writing plan according to your company and clients’ need.

  • Share your thinking:

Let your influencers know the reasons of your interest in dealing with themandhow you may like to promote your brand with their help. You can either send a brief e-mail explaining your proposal with all the benefitsof audiences.You need to put an eye-catching subject line in your email in order to gain their attention. Hopefully, you can share your views on different social media platforms to gain influencers as well as the audience to give your digital marketing a different mix.

  • Reaching out to the influencers:

You now need to engage the chosen influencers. You can send the influencers messages stating what you think and also what fit good for your brand. You can do this by sharing the direct message links or through different website contact forms. Once you have decided to add influencers to your digital marketing platform, you can better keep yourself away from controlling the influencer’s voice.


In this growing market, business activities are also taking a huge turn like buying, selling products and services by means of online platform. Thousands of people are moving towards the e-commerce website development to start the business and get the more attention of audience.

If you want to standout on the business’s process, the significant component is the development your own website that will surely give the swift drift to your business. Not only a developed e-commerce website can prove your ability of serving the best in industry but other component also plays a huge role for your brand visibility like Search Engine Optimization, search engine marketing, internet market, special online carts, and development of special transaction pages, amongst a host of others.

Get the best choice for e-commerce development:

After taking the decision of website development, next step to embark your journey is to choose E-commerce Development Company. You must be sure to undertake your selection with utmost care, research and analysis. Online business requires the essential attention about the professional expertise in the e-commerce field. For getting the best results, there is always need a proper planning and management that would help you to give the right path to your business.
Prasad solutions provide complete e-commerce development solution at affordable rates in UK and India and highly focused to create a user friendly eCommerce website, which is navigated by the visitor with full ease. Hire skilled eCommerce web developer to manage your online store and can understand the business better rather than creating e-commerce website. This Web design firm delivers high quality work. Your eCommerce website does need to appear professional, but more significantly it needs to flow and function accurately. Your visitors should be able to make a decision from your navigation what area of your website that benefits them the most. Your visitors should be able to use your online tools, navigation and shopping cart easily without dilemma or error.

Importance for small business:

In past days, it was difficult to earn profit for small business. There were fewer opportunities for selling products and delivering services but online platform is like a deep ocean for making your brand renowned. This is the newer tool to boost the annual revenue and open for business challenges. Not only the sales and purchase takes place through the Internet but also other actions like online transaction processing , Internet marketing , electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, , electronic data exchange, inventory management and data collection system also have become popular in the recent years. One thing must be take care that the website design should not be very fancy as it could hinder the audience attraction from the products and services.

Drive audience by SEO technique:

Search engine optimization (SEO) has the potential to elevate your e-commerce website’s sales and revenue and make you the market leader in your industry. And the good news is that your investment in SEO will even pay for itself in a very short time, while its effects will last for many years. Even if you run short of money, you could confined your other ads and still be observable to your audience through organic search results.

E-commerce. Shopping


There is no better time to capitalize on this form of commerce than now because of the increased acceptance of the various online marketing platforms among people of all ages and races. It is gradually taking precedence over the traditional form of trading where you have to be physically present to perform a transaction. You can easily transact at any time; while waiting for the bus or while commuting between your home and place of work.