An e-commerce store can still rank high just by forming efficient websites? Here are 5 simple tips to maximize SEO at the cost of minimal design.

Practically, minimalist web design is the art of designing brand concepts through which brand’s message can be conveyed using just the keywords. SEO experts and designers help Google categorize the content so that Google can push the website towards highest rankings. However, a minimalist theme can be little dangerous for new businesses with limited back links and contents.

There is always a balance between the best practice of SEO and designing a website. Nowadays, designers have realized that SEO always is important for any online stores, not by just its pleasing aesthetic, but also for rank, function, and profit. Some key factors are mentioned below to balance the requirement of SEO rankings by considering the marketing as well as designing any minimal e-commerce website for a stunning user experience.

  1. Relevant content is the ultimate goal

The main key focus is the user and the front page of Google is the only real estate. Each of the pages of articles or blog and article are created keeping the usefulness of the respective target audience and the relevant factors for searching includes how fast one find the information and the quality and authenticity of the content. Thus SEO efforts hard to prove the Google’s mission statement for every e-commerce store by involving minimum text.

  1. Fair amount of keywords for better descriptions

Google algorithm fails to work properly if there is no written content on any particular websites, and also nothing appears as search results. Rather than spamming keywords, just be steady in identifying prior keywords and apply them in the simplest way to describe any products.

  1. Loud Images description

As previously mentioned, spamming of keyword works well for the case of website’s ranking. Alt tags usually help Google to recognize what an image comprises of and thus occupy a blank space. The function also exists to aid the people who are visually impaired. In this space, short sentences including the description of images or simple keywords are used and thus it is needed to read loudly.

  1. Make good use of the space

Utilize the space in a much better way below the fold and fill the space with short sentences related to target key phrases that customers usually search for. Generally, around 200 words are ideal word limit to be put all over the entire homepage. It is still not confirmed whether H1 headers are appropriately used for searching, however, bolster search ranks can also be used.

  1. Speed of Page loading

The glossy imagery really looks great but if it not optimized for the web browser then it makes slow down the loading speed. This mainly happens in the case of poor Wi-Fi users or internet using over mobile devices. If you want to make your page in the topmost ranking then put minimum designs which can make the page loading speed faster. Google now has started to penalize most of the bad user involvement including site load speed both for mobile devices and desktop browsing.


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