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Little wonder why most ecommerce websites and online stores often undergo the stress of having to lose their hard-earned customers and clients even after several efforts, trials and time expended to attract this customer to the online platform. But do you really think that the problems are most likely to be coming from the customers? or possibly from the Online businesses and companies? The very big and certain answer is a very big No and Yes.

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With the massive and bothersome competition on the internet nowadays, one can rarely predict the success and breakthrough of his or her website or online business or whatever. Research has shown that at least 70% percent of the success and breakthrough your website or online portal makes depends on the number of total visitors that such website can boast of per day. However we all know how difficult and challenging it is to record a massive stampede of traffic and visitors to our respective sites without the attention or intervention of the search engine.

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Are you specialized in Ecommerce Website Design, or are you an Ecommerce website owner? Regardless of whichever is the case, Every Ecommerce website demands proper attention and immense concentration, especially during the preliminary stages of such websites. That simply means that regardless of the nature of Ecommerce website you have, run or managing, the groundwork or introductory aspect of such websites is the known time when the website needs so much attention and awareness. Let’s take out some time to see the reason why this is important.

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With YouTube acting as the second largest search platform online after Google, getting right up there truly holds big importance. With around 4 billion videos being viewed by people on daily basis, getting your channel optimized tends to bring in immediate results in the form of popularity and visibility.

Uploading videos on YouTube is not where the task ends, each one of these is to be marketed in the right way so that they are visible when someone makes a search. Whether using this platform to promote your personal channel or that of your organization, make sure that you keep some important cheat codes in mind:

1. Innovation is the key as without this you wont be able to get on that visibility as there are many out there eagerly waiting to beat you, thus it gets important to work with a strategy in mind

2. Begin with the metadata, this is one integral part of the video that if utilized in the right way could make it easy for you to educate viewers about the video in a precise way

3. Optimize all important sections of the vide keeping content on the top, even if your video is great and the content is bad you wont be able to cash on any visibility

4. Another important tip that needs to be kept in mind is that Title is much more than a mere tag line to the video, it has to be crisp with all those keywords and phrases. There are many keyword tools out there you can use these to decide on the ones that suit your video closely

5. Do not cut on the video description, this is one such area that needs to be an elaborative one, include URL in it and then start explaining with all those keywords, just make sure that you stay specific to the page being referred

6. Playlist could be a great tool to play around with, you can use it to organize the videos and then group these on the basis of any given criteria. If segregating videos on the basis of keywords, make sure that a playlist has all common ones there as this would give viewer a hint that it too contains similar information

7. Adding tags to the videos is yet another important way to make the video appear catchy

Apart from these, you can group similar videos in the playlist, use titles that contain keywords and make some interesting use of those annotations.

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Development in organizational formation, machine created content, and video content could drive modifications in ecommerce marketing upcoming time, as small and mid-sized retailers boost their content formation efforts.

Content marketing is known as one of the most significant areas of ecommerce support. It will execute to grow in 2016. So, it is significant watching for trends that could modify how content is completed or how much cash is spent performing it.

Content Marketing Might Stand Separately. In 2016 and beyond, online retailers may divide content marketing as well as content creation from different marketing activities such as advertising or search engine optimization.

Although content marketing many times has a similar plan — attracting and engaging future clients — as other marketing efforts, it needs a various skill set and, in various cases, more time. What’s more, as companies move additional down the content marketing course, content marketing aims sometimes change as compared to the objective of, say, a banner advertisement.

At brand or mid-sized ecommerce industry, it could to the case that content marketing is contract out to an agency or service specializing in content formation while other marketing methods such as social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and SEO continue as an in-house action.

In some cases, the split might be overturned, with the retailer considering content marketing, which many times needs good skill, and outsourcing other marketing jobs. In some cases, the content marketing team might have an in-house video or photography studio and special goals than other divisions within the business.

This modification in organizational structure may signify that ecommerce businesses will take funds from other marketing mythologies. Some think that SEO budgets will be a major target.
Machine-produced Content Could Be a Prime Concern

The majority of ecommerce associated with content creation in 2016 will surely be written by humans, machine-produced content could turns a hot topic and a possible answer to a nagging ecommerce difficulty, writing product accounts.

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Email Marketing

To keep your email marketing campaign alive, there is a need to invest in strategies and platforms that are future ready. It goes beyond saying that email marketing tends to hold great importance as far as your business promotional goals are concerned and this is why you need to invest in ideas that promise to bring in realistic results. There is much more to email marketing than sending promotional emails and ads to customers, you need to utilize the hidden power of this tool by putting some great ideas to work.

Go Mobile: Well, with most of the customers accessing emails on their smart phones it is high time you to start making use of this platform. The messages when optimized for mobile screens tend to grab more eyeballs and this is going to act effectual in both marketing and remarketing

Prioritize The Content: For this you need a pro email marketer by your side, content tends to hold vital importance in getting your market share and this is why it needs to be crispy and engaging

Hire A Pro: You might not always get ample time to sit down and draft those emails and this is one big reason why hiring a pro is so important. With expert email marketers having knowledge of design, coding and marketing you will be investing in someone who would act as a real asset in the long run

Its All About Data: Indeed, data is something on which your email marketing strategy is going to stand, thus you need to invest some good time and money on this. Go in for data personalization as with this it is going to become easy for you to grasp on the local market share by putting your brand on the foot front. Its is to be known that the data of an email holds importance even when the same has been read as a reader might come back to it before making the purchase

One last thing, when you are working on all these areas make sure that the platform that is being used is a sophisticated one. Its not that you need to go in for a pricey one, you can easily settle in for an inexpensive one, it is just that you need to spend some time comparing out the options. Your email marketing strategy with these pointers in mind promises to give you an improved ROI in 2016.


With web or ecommerce poised towards growth globally, every place is taking this concept in a different way, what remains common is that approach that makes the process go customer centric. Whether we talk of U.S.A, Europe or Asia, mobile marketing is something that rules and this is why the common focus is to develop platforms that enable sales on all platforms. With all those tentative predictions related to ecommerce market going true, there are some trends that have appeared as important ones for all those who want to enjoy doing brisk business on the web.

Mobile Based Purchases Are Increasing: It goes beyond saying that this tendency of using internet on the mobile phones has lead to the increase in the demand of apps that allow people to buy and with mobile shopping gaining momentum globally this is the trend that needs to be captured closely

Sites Going Responsive: Another attachment to the multiplatform internet access comes in the form of responsive websites. For any ecommerce store that wants to cater to bigger and broader audience building a responsive site is a must

Social Marketing Plays Big Role: Especially in Asia and Europe it has been found that customer behavior tends to get affected with those social media feedbacks and ratings. With social media impacting out sales, brand’s repute and credibility taking this trend lightly might make your ecommerce brand go dead in coming days

Comparison Tools & Universal Payments: One of the hottest trends ruling the global ecommerce market indeed, with customers from U.S.A and Europe and Canada looking for a great deal these comparison tools tend to play a vital role. Another big trend that goes attached is that of universal payment and this is more of a necessity. With things like Google wallet coming out as a big hit, ecommerce store owners need to add something like this so that buyers can experience a safe payment process

Feedbacks Lead To Audience Engagement: For all those who have always felt that those internet marketing campaigns would suffice, here is a reality check, people are giving more attention to those product reviews and feedbacks. This is something that is strategically and statically going to build customer engagement.

With conversion rate still being stable, ecommerce store owners need to put these trends to work so that they can both retain and engage customers before the competition starts getting even stiffer.

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